phone stand

Woodworking Workshops

2015 is about all running Workshops! Who would have thought that there are so many closet DIYers out in Singapore? Part of Till's aim here was to impart his knowledge and skills to the wider community and XPC Home-Fix has the platform for him to do just that.


In groups of four or more, we have the curious learners to couples seeking alternative recreational projects together. Usually done within a one day, 6 hour workshop, we get our hands dirty building simple but useful everyday objects in the form of: stool, toolbox, chess board and mobile phone stand. What each participant walk away with is a newfound realisation that they can build, they enjoy the process and are looking forward to undergo the same process on a grander scale.


If you haven't gotten your hands dirty, you have not fully connected with your heart and mind.
What are you dreaming of making? And what's stopping you from doing so?