The journey begins!

As a child, I never liked sewing, painting or crafting because it was mandatory in school and I was always given a score to tell me how bad I was. But as I matured and at my own will, I began to enjoy creating things with my hands. Perhaps I saw it as an outlet to channel work stress or it was an excuse to mingle with creative people. I don't know. I started signing up for art jamming sessions in Hong Kong where I used to live, and taking art classes in Aix-en-Provence while I was brushing up my French. These were wonderful creating experiences that I wanted more of.

Last Spring, I had the chance to spend a few days in a commercial carpentry in Bavaria, Germany. A newbie, Till taught me a few simple tasks apprentices start with - sanding. Even though sanding is a laborious task, the entire process is about patience and opening of one's senses. 

This was the starting point of my relationship with wood work and it is also the beginning of a new adventure for both Till and myself.

Let's see what we can craft out of that block of beech wood.