Customizing your furniture

We have heard many stories from home owners settling for temporary fixes just to fill a void in their space. They settle for cheaper furniture, those they would toss out once they are bored with them or quickly find an average replacement that is to their taste but fall short in terms of optimal function. 

Are you looking for custom-made furniture pieces that is one of a kind, and beautifully crafted? Do you need specific pieces to fit into the confines of your limited or even odd-shaped space? Do you have some funky ideas for your furniture, but don't know how and where to realise this dream piece? Perhaps, we can work with you to achieve that!

So, how do we normally do this?

First, we like a face-to-face meeting. Nothing beats knowing your environment and getting your style. We'll discuss what you have in mind for your space. We dive into details such as your needs, likes and dislikes, space layout, colour schemes, material preferences, wood types, talk budgets and take measurements (yes, we are crazy about precision!!).

With a pretty good idea, we come up with a few ideas and present them through sketching with the exact measurements. This gives you a clear idea of our design while we get more of your input and feedback to ensure that we are on the same page. We re-work the design until you are satisfied.

Once the drawings and materials are finalised, we get you a cost estimation and time needed for crafting. A quotation is done up and deposit paid to us prior to commencement of work. This dynamic discussion process takes about one to two weeks on average, depending on the complexity, artistic expression and certainty of owners in knowing what they want.

What are the main cost consideration? 

  1. Design – Simple or complex. This has direct impact on "Design & Crafting Fee".
  2. Size – Big or small.
  3. Materials – choice of solid wood, veneers or laminates, tiles, marble, etc, building in some buffer supply for the "just-in-case".

We keep our charges transparent and they are generally as follow:

  1. Materials - we endeavour to keep this at cost because solid wood is expensive.
  2. Design & Crafting Fee – Time taken by our team to conceptualise, design, sketch and craft. 
  3. Miscellaneous Charge – surfacing oils/lacquers, glue, screws, packing materials etc. It can be a long list and they seem like small stuff, but they do cost!
  4. Installation Fee – We do our own installation. Depending on how large the project is, cost goes up if we need to engage more manpower.
  5. Transport & Delivery – This varies according to size of the delivery. 

Keep your creative juice flowing and make things happen.