We bring exceptional German craftsmanship and precision to create statement pieces for you.


Helmed by Till Kautz and Fiona Wong Kautz, the duo has more than 17 years of experience in furniture design and crafting. Till's joinery skills and artisanal craftsmanship has been gaining recognition in the region’s growing demand for good quality furniture. 

We pay close attention to our clients' desires, provide design ideas and support them with technical advice, while using the best quality materials to craft statement pieces that last. 




Partner, Designer & Master Craftsman

Till Kautz was born in Munich but spent much of his growing years in Rosenheim, a Bavarian town known for its wood science and engineering studies. His crafting journey began in his teens where, he worked many years at Schreinerei Pecher, crafting furniture pieces for high-end commercial and private residential projects. The range of work gave him ample opportunities to apply different techniques while working on solid wood, veneers, MDF boards, laminates, acrylic, glass, stones and metals.

I’ll like to keep the tradition of artisanal craftsmanship without engaging the use of CNC and I believe it’s possible. I take risks and spend a lot time on my work because I relish in trying new things. It feels great to be on a constant learning curve while producing beautiful solid pieces that can stand the test of time.
— Till Kautz

Partner, Manager of all sorts.

Home interiors and décor has always been her passion. Over the years of global travels, frequent changes of residences (21 & still counting!) and indulging in several home alteration and design projects, she has developed an eclectic style and a keen eye for aesthetically beautiful things. A banker in the past, she lends linear skills to the creative team and ups the human connection as an executive coach. Fiona explores her creativity in writing and crafting, adding touches to some of +49’s pieces.

People who are looking for hand crafted furniture will look upon us as designer, artist and craftsman. We have the skills and the talent to fulfil their vision and we do it pretty darn well!
— Fiona Wong Kautz


Apprentice Craftsman

(3-6 months Internship)

Are you passionate about wood and would like to assist our Master Designer Craftsman? Get to see first hand, the entire process from furniture designing, material selection, preparation and the entire crafting process. 

WhaT are we looking for?

  • Basic woodworking skills

  • Familiar with power tools & basic wood working machines

  • A good attitude

  • Strong interests in hand-work

  • Curiosity & a good spirit of learning

  • Unperturbed by sweat, wood dust and hard work

  • Commitment & discipline

If this describes you, drop us a line! We would love to hear from you.


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